Monday, November 1, 2010

"May The Force Be With You" - Halloween Post Part 2

MO Halloween Invite 2010

The invite read, “Come with your clique and relive High School in our official Members Only Homecoming Halloween Ball as we transform our venue on this special night!” And come they did to the most exclusive and much talked about Halloween Ball in the city! 

I came as Padme Amidala of Naboo! Totally not in-sync with the GLEE-INSPIRED theme, but come on, I'm sure Padme went to High School at some point??

Beautiful people!

I love this green outfit I've always wanted to make myself a Poison Ivy costume!

Mitch Malli and Stephen Ku!

Barre Trainer Anna Cu-Unjieng looking gorgeous as ever!

Sexy uniforms!

Everybody LOVED the music of Dj Skratchmark (Center)

Cute haha!

So jealous! How can the beautiful Rosanna Ocampo (left, with Nicole Jacinto, right) still fit in her High School cheerleader''s uniform??
"We will, we will beat you! We will, we will beat you!"

And that's me as Padme Amidala (rightmost)... You see my slipper coming out haha!
With Reshma Chulani, Reema Dowlani and Rashmi Dowlani

More cute uniforms!

Valerie De Guzman as a Glamrocker!

With Hans Montenegro and Angelique La'o

MO Halloween Balls are always pumping! Can't wait for the next party!
Sexy Erin Campos purring in her Catwoman ensemble!

Alice, Robin and Tink!

The ever-cute Bianca! 

Finina Tugade... Hot as always!

Hilarious dynamic duo!

Lovely ladies!

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